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Light towers are used to provide the light

necessary for working at night. They can be

used in all kinds of construction sites, roads

and weather conditions. It is designed and

produced according to the place to be used.

It is divided into hydraulic and mechanical.

It can reach a height between 6 and 9

meters from the ground. Four side support

legs, which are opened on the sides, reduce

the swing and wind effect. The lamps

attached to the end of the tower can be

rotated mechanically or from below with a

joystick arm by 340 degrees. There are two

types of hydraulic ones. Fully hydraulic and

hydromechanical. In the fully hydraulic

ones, there is a double-effect telescopic

hydraulic lift inside the tower mast. In the

hydro-mechanical one, the first boom is

triggered hydraulically and with this reaction,

the other booms are opened thanks to

the ropes. Lifting in mechanical towers is

done with a manual hand winch







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