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The smartest way to transport bulky and not heavy products and cargo. With its

different trailer solutions, it is more economical and easier to use than normal

trekkers and trailers.

Iveco 70 C 15 - 35 c 15 is the conversion of Mercedes Sprinter 519,

Iveco Eurocargo, Mercedes Atego, Man tTGL type vehicles are modified as trekkers

after certain procedures.

After these vehicles are supplied as new or second hand chassis, high-capacity

compressors and systems are installed from Europe and the vehicles are

registered by converting from truck class to tractor class.

There are two different trailer types. O3 class single and double axle O2 class

double axle. O3 class single and double axle trailers are the same as the big ones.

Domestic and European axles, Domex or ST52 sheet metal main frame, single tire

and double tire, WAbco Knorr EBS, air suspension.

The O2 type semi-trailer is produced using torsion axles with air brakes manufactured

by German ALKO. The most important feature of these trailers is that they

are close to the ground and their purchase costs are much lower than others.







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