Eroğlu römork semi trailer

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About Us

Our company, which has been operating since 1972, has

an important place in the market by strengthening its dynamic

structure with new projects by carrying the experience of over  46 years of work from father to son.

New project which has the largest share in this success is our little piece of tar project, which is also a first in Turkey.

In addition to these, we continue production of 10.000 m² area with an understanding that we

never compromise our container trailers, light towers, generator trailers, NATO type  military trailers and special purpose trailers. We are also in an  effort to satisfy our customers with our spare parts support.

This made all the work we have undertaken the distributorship in Turkey, we also support the many imported brands. WINGAMM caravan mono block with the Italian brand is proud to introduce the brand to Turkey.

Our company acts with the goal of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in production and service fields. Eroğlu Treyler Römork San. ve Tic. A.Ş experienced and expert staff always try to provide the best service to the customers in line with the principles of quality and trust. We are also continuing to produce trailers in EU standards professionally in production with O1, O2, O3 and O4 vehicle type approval documents which our company has taken since 2010.

iki dingilli lowbed

üç dingilli lowbed

araç taşıma dorsesi

araç taşıma römorku

sal dorse

kapaklı dorse

tenteli dorse

yarı römork

midilli dorse

tank taşıyıcı lowbed

trafo taşıyıcı

jeneratör römorku

strafor römorku

askeri römork

konteyner taşıma dorsesi

prefabrik ev römorku


karavan şasesi

römork yedek parça

minik tır

mini tır

ışık kulesi

at römorku

kamyon römorku

atv taşıma römorku

döner dingilli römork

tam römork



car transporter semi trailer

low bed

container carry trailer

semi trailer

truck trailer

generator trailer

nato military trailer

light tower

car transporter trailer

car carrier semi trailer

tank carrier low bed

box trailer

open top trailer

tent trailer

2 3 4 5 6 axles lowbed

full trailer

box body semi trailer


turntable traile

turntable lowbed

Our factory

It manufactures in a closed area of 10,000 square meters in the Saray-Kazan region . The machine park includes a submerged chassis welding machine, 8 meters cutting and twisting bench, 18 meters cnc plasma and others. It has obtained 15 different type approval certificates so far and this process continues.